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Each bottle contains within it thousands of years of sacred wisdom.

HAUX HAUX SHOP - Bringing you the forces of the forest

Sananga Eyedrops, Tribal Rapé, Magical Tools + more.

A little about us

Kleber and Amanda are a passionate married team who met while studying plant medicine. They are both dedicated and true to their path as medicine people. Their goal is to share the sacred wisdom of the forest, as well as bring awareness to indigenous issues and support the tribes who give so much to us all.


Kleber and Amanda are true soulmates, and they bring peace, love, and light wherever they go.


Amanda Soares

Amanda is a medicine woman with a deep connection to the divine. She has been studying plant medicine for several years, and it has changed her life in profound ways. Plant medicine has initiated her knowledge and path to self-healing, as well as helping others to heal themselves.


Teacher plants have shown Amanda a deeper way to connect with the divine, and she has learned tremendously from them on how to be an excellent mother. She is very passionate about these plants, and loves sharing their gifts with others.


Kleber  Soares

Kleber is a clinical psychologist with a thesis at the Makenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo on "the ritual sense of using Ayahuasca". A specialist in Public Health at the University of São Paulo Brazil, Kleber has been conducting studies and research on power plants for 19 years. He has worked with numerous tribes throughout the Amazon basin, learning about their traditions and customs surrounding the use of these sacred plants. What Kleber finds most fascinating is how these rituals help people to connect with their deepest spiritual selves, and how this connection can lead to profound personal growth and transformation.


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