We are a passionate married team who met while studying plant medicine. We are dedicated and true to our path as medicine people. Our goal is to share the sacred wisdom of the forest as well to bring awareness to indigenous issues and support the tribes who give so much to us all.

Ananda Soares

A medicine woman working from her heart center as a being of service to all earthlings. Ananda connects with Divine Source Energy and taps into universal consciousness, holding space and allowing for the client's needs to be met for their highest good. Ananda is very passionate about shamanism and healing.


Kleber  Soares

  A clinical psychologist with a thesis at the Makenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo on "the ritual sense of using Ayahuasca". A specialist in Public Health at the University of São Paulo Brazil. Kleber has been conducting studies and research on power plants for 19 years.


Haux Haux! According to the indigenous people of Acre, in the Brazilian Amazon, Haux Haux was the first sound heard the the forest, emitted by the anaconda (jibóia). It is used by shamans when initiating and finalizing a song or healing work, as a greeting to the people and a greeting to the spiritual dimension. Over time “haux” has become a more flexible and commonly used term, meaning a greeting, an honoring, a confirmation or a thank you.

Haux Haux Shop is a ridge between the magical tools and sacred medicines of the Amazon forest. Our offerings are fairly sourced from indigenous tribes in Brazil, Peru and Columbia. Offering Tribal Rapé, Sananga Eyedrops, and Shamanic tools.